Functional Health Management Score™

The Ultimate Lead Generating Website Tool

You are about to experience the power of generating leads from your website that will simply get you more new patients than you can even imagine.  If you are a SYSTEM client the website we build for you will automatically include this.  If you already have your own website we can build this for you to have you webmaster add it to your site.  This is the only Assessment Engagement Tool that does not require that the person is already a patient or already in your office.  It is designed solely to get people into your office.

You have probably wound up on this page as a result of our powerful dropdown banner Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 1.18.15 PMthat engages every new visitor to complete the Functional Health Management Score™.  This dropdown banner is only available for our SYSTEM clients and the website we build for you at no cost.

Now go ahead and complete the Functional Health Management Score™ below and experience what every unique visitor to your website will experience so that you can easily turn them into an actual patient.

If you currently have a health challenge it is most likely the result of a functional issue.  When all the systems in your body function properly you do not have any symptoms.  In fact, the key to maintaining your good health is to maintain good function.  We created the Functional Health Management Score to find out just how well you are currently functioning so we can help you get rid of your symptoms and achieve the health goals you have.