The Live Chat

Why Having A Live Chat Is So Important

Did you ever notice that almost every website now has a Live Chat feature?  A website without a Live Chat feature is losing customers and losing money.  The amazing thing is that almost no one in the healthcare industry uses Live Chat.  However, it is proven that when it comes to people coming to your site looking to solve a health problem, nothing is more powerful than Live Chat to get them into your office.

Most likely while you were reading the above paragraph you saw our Live Chat service slide down the right side of this page.  You couldn’t help but notice it, correct?  Well, either can the people that are looking for a doctor to work with.  In fact, when a Live Chat is installed on your website, it can increase the number of potential new patients by up to 164%.

Now before you click on that Live Chat to test it (yes it is actually live 24/7, 365 days per year), read down the rest of this page and really learn about why you have to have our Live Chat Service on your Website and if you are a SYSTEM client you will.

70% of Website Visitors Leave Without A Trace

Did you know that most people that visit your website leave without a trace.  What might be even more interesting is that they come to your site after they get home from work, late at night or on the weekend when your practice is not even open.

Most People Have Questions

It makes sense that if you are in pain or have a health challenge you want to make sure that the doctor you decide on is one you think can help you, not by how little they charge.  Unfortunately most of you are competing on price and there is always someone that is cheaper than you or is even giving their services away.

Potential Visitors Feel Alone and Confused

Potential patients do not see your website the same way you do.  All they want to know is what do you do, what are you about and what is in it for them.  Instead, they see all sorts of links and dropdown menus and animated graphics they don’t understand.  All they want is to know if you are the right doctor.  So instead of feeling connected to your site they leave and never come back.

Patients Don’t Understand What You Do

Of course we all want lifelong patients that know all about the benefits of what we do.  The problem is we have sold a symptom based model to the public and when they come to your site the things they see are confusing.  Why do some sights have quotes of philosophers? What is all that stuff about Nerve interference?  Most people are uncomfortable  calling a doctor’s office at first yet they have questions and lots of them.  A Live Chat becomes the comfort zone to find out if you are the right doctor.

They Just Want A Few Questions Answered

Our Live Chat people are trained to give your potential patients the confidence to know you are the right doctor.  Not only do they build confidence and credibility but they also can instantly connect the potential patient to your front desk to book the first appointment.

Our Live Chat The Ultimate New Patient Magnet

Your website is designed to do one thing, get new patients and our Live Chat service is proven to do just that.  Newsletter sign-ups, free give-a-ways, Ask the Doctor forms haven’t worked in years, yet that is what most of you still offer people that come to your site.  If you are serious about new patients Live Chat will get you more new patients than you can handle.

A Word About Testing Our Live Chat Service

Please realize that this is an actual live chat.  The chat script is designed to engage people to get them into a real office.  Our chat agents are trained to gather your name and contact information and do their best to answer actual questions that would be asked by a real potential patient.  They will do their best to offer a connection with the office front desk and will even offer to connect you directly.   If it is during hours we are closed they will ask if it is OK for us to call you the next business day.

Please realize they know nothing about the SYSTEM.  We wanted you to experience a chat as if it was a doctor’s office, so please do not ask them questions they cannot answer about the SYSTEM.  Also, please do not keep them chatting for long periods of time as they are real agents that are also chatting with some of our live doctor SYSTEM clients and we want then to spend their time getting real patients in real SYSTEM client offices.  Thank you for understanding.  Lastly, if this was your office you would customize the script to make it appropriate for what you do.