Your Own e-book

A Beautiful Way to Get Names and Emails

See the footer at the bottom of this page?  This footer is especially designed for all SYSTEM Clients.  It gets people’s attention and gets them to give you their name and email to download your e-book.  Notice that whether you scroll up or down the footer follows you wherever you go.  It was built that way for maximum exposure.

Don’t have your own e-book?
Don’t have your own e-book yet?  No problem we’ll even create one for you.  We have two different options to chose from.  Pick from the 52 Health and Lifestyle Tips e-book, or the 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Lower Your Pain.  The best part is we’ll put you on the cover, fill up the back of the book with your patient testimonials and include all your contact information.   Check out these live samples below.

52 Health & Lifestyle Tips

People love this e-book probably because of all the pictures.

10 Things You Can Do

This is a great e-book to get people into your office much faster.